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Why Do You Need Expression Coaching?

Do you want your headshot to be just a picture of your face? Or do you want it to be an extension of your brand that makes a great first impression?

If you've had a headshot done before, it may have been like school picture day. Sit here, turn a bit, say "cheese", click the camera, and you're done. Unfortunately, this can leave people with forced or cheesy smiles that fail to make the kind of first impressions that really count.

Expression coaching is what makes the difference. In my studio, I start by teaching you what makes for a great first impression: confidence and approachability. Then, I teach you where those things come from and coach you how to make those expressions. When I get you in front of my camera, you don't have to worry if you're doing it right. I coach you the whole way, giving you little tips and encouraging you to try different things as we hone in on exactly the type of look you're going for while adding in those killer expressions.

One of the most important parts of the expression coaching is the connection I make with my clients. I want to get to know you, find out what excites you, learn what your job is all about, and just help you relax so that you forget you're in front of a camera. I want you to connect with the real human being on the other side of the camera. Why? It's not just because I enjoy meeting and connecting with people. It's because that real connection leads to something incredibly important: genuine expression on your face.

People can spot a fake smile a mile away. But they can also tell when someone has genuine expression. And do you know what genuine expression does? It connects with people. Even people you haven't met yet. A genuine smile builds trust and conveys confidence. Those are the building blocks of a great first impression.

If you want a headshot that makes a first impression that builds trust and conveys confidence, give me a shout. I'd love to work with you!

Daniel Wakefield

Headshot Photographer and Expression Coach

Serving the Fort Lauderdale area and beyond!

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