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Why do Professional Headshots matter?

The key word here is professional. Anyone can take a headshot. Just stand in front of a white wall and get a friend with a new iPhone to snap a quick shot. No big deal, right?

However, if you're wanting to communicate your professionalism to your potential clients, or even within your own company, then you'll want to get headshots from a professional for a few reasons.

1) Lighting matters. Bad lighting looks cheap, produces shadows in the wrong places, and just doesn’t create a flattering photo. Good lighting makes you look professional by accentuating your best features and illuminating your face in an attractive way. Professional photographers know how to light up your face to give you the high-end look that you want to communicate to your clients.

2) Expression matters. Being told to "smile" or "say cheese" doesn't usually result in the most genuine expressions. My Expression Coaching helps people feel great in front of the camera. The direction I provide (plus our conversations!) results in genuine expressions that convey trustworthiness and confidence. That’s what your potential clients need to see!

3) Experience matters. Helping arrange hair, giving outfit suggestions, and even talking about what you want to communicate to your clients in your headshot are all things that come from working with an experienced professional. It's important to me that you leave feeling excited about your photos and I work hard to make sure that happens!

When you're ready to take your online image to the next level, give me a shout!


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