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The Entrepreneur Series: Beth Elletson

Hi Beth! Thanks so much for participating! Introduce yourself and your business.

Hi, I'm Beth Elletson, the CEO and Founder of ABE. ABE is a premier Talent Transformation Solutions company that leverages a data-driven approach and personalized coaching services to empower individuals and companies to navigate career transitions and unlock their full potential. We provide innovative solutions to maximize talent and drive unparalleled success in today's rapidly-evolving workforce. Our holistic approach to career and talent transitions makes ABE the trusted partner for both individuals and companies, dedicated to achieving their goals and exceeding their expectations.

What led you to venture out as an entrepreneur?

Growing up in a family with a 70-year-old flooring business, I always aspired to run my own company. After serving as a CPO and working in HR for 13 years, I knew the impact that misaligned job placements had on both professionals and companies. With over 1/3 of the workforce turning over each year due to unmet needs and misaligned culture, I recognized the significant issue this presented. Realizing the potential of data-driven solutions to address this problem, I decided to innovate in this space. Having experienced being in the wrong job myself and witnessing others struggling in mismatched roles, I understood the profound impact this has on individuals and businesses. Seeing that there was no mutually beneficial, data-driven solution available for both job seekers and companies, I drew on my experience to create the solution I always wished existed. I was ready to leverage my skills in people management, sales, and strategy to become a successful CEO and address this pressing problem in the job market using data-driven insights.

What are some of the key things that have led to the success of your business?

As a lifelong athlete, my competitive nature and resilience have played a significant role in driving success. I view setbacks as learning opportunities and believe that sometimes, they signal the need to reevaluate a particular approach or timing. Since our official launch last month, our focus has been on providing clients with the tools they need to match with the right job and empowering them throughout their entire career journey. For our corporate clients, we are committed to delivering actionable, sustainable talent solutions tailored to their specific business needs. We understand what it takes to achieve people success and how to customize our approach to align with each organization's unique requirements. Success, for me, is derived from the ability to find growth opportunities in every situation. I've learned to adapt and pivot when necessary, and have always valued the advice of my mentors, who emphasized the importance of generating revenue quickly while building a strong foundation for the business. This combination of adaptability, resilience, and strategic thinking has been instrumental in the early success of ABE.

If you could start the business over again, what would you do differently?

If I could start over, I would have launched the service part of our business first. Although our technology is innovative, we could have tested it earlier if we had introduced our services to the market sooner.

What failures have taught you the greatest lessons?

I've experienced situations where I went against my core values and needs to get a title and money. These opportunities eventually helped my career, but they took a toll on my emotional well-being and family life. I learned the importance of aligning with business partners who share my core values and focusing on building a team that complements my strengths and weaknesses.

Who are the people in your life that have contributed to the success of your business?

I am incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing support network. My husband has been my number one supporter, encouraging me to step away from the guaranteed paycheck to build something we both believe will change lives. My parents have stepped in to help with my kids, taking on kindergarten homework and school activities, which is a full-time job in itself. They have embraced my need for assistance without hesitation, giving all the love and care to my two boys throughout this journey. Moreover, I have been blessed with outstanding mentors and friends who have helped me navigate the challenges of the startup world and make difficult decisions. Each person has provided invaluable guidance, encouragement, and insights that have contributed to the success of my business.

What 3 things would you tell someone wanting to start their own business?

1st: Remember that good ideas alone don't generate revenue—you need to be an expert in your field, be able to sell, and hire the right people to help you scale faster. While your employees are experts in their fields, never stop learning. At the end of the day, this is your business, and you need to be competent in every aspect of it.

2nd: Listen to feedback, surround yourself with mentors, and most importantly, trust your gut instinct. Even the best mentors can't guide you better than your gut instinct. Some of the biggest mistakes startup founders make come from not trusting their instincts, even when they knew deep down that it wasn't the right decision.

3rd: Know your financial runway and understand that making money is crucial in the early stages of entrepreneurship. Launch before you think you're ready because it will never be perfect. Your customers will guide you in building the right product or service based on their feedback and needs.

How can people learn more about ABE?

Visit our website There are links to sign up for the Talent Acceleration Program (individuals) and Talent Transformation Solutions (companies). You can follow me on LinkedIn, or

You can reach out through email at


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