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New Video Service!

I just launched a new service, the LinkedIn Intro Video.

There's no denying that a great headshot is a powerful tool for making a first impression online. My goal with these intro videos is to take your first impression to the next level.

But who are these videos for? If you are:

  • wanting to introduce yourself to your online audience

  • needing a more personal introduction to potential clients

  • job hunting and wanting to make a great impression on potential employers/recruiters

These short, 60 second videos give you a chance to introduce yourself to your audience, whether that's on LinkedIn, your company website, or wherever you post it. On LinkedIn, they can be featured on the top of your profile so that anyone who visits your profile can easily see it. The videos are professionally filmed in my Fort Lauderdale studio and are a great addition to my headshot and branding sessions. In fact, I offer these videos at a reduced rate for people who pair them up with a headshot session.

Want more info? Contact me below!


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